with spinach (Tronchikos con carne)

The Sephardim of Kavala left their mark and paid with their lives for their faith. In the city they gave and took, integrated and married their own gastronomic habits with the rest. They were many commonalities, awesome recipes and common loves, such as lamb with spinach in their own very clever and beautiful way of cooking.


  • 1 red cutting surface
  • 1 green cutting surface
  • 1 meat cutting knife
  • 1 vegetable cutting knife
  • 1 pot wide and shallow
  • 1 strainer
  • 1 pot deep


  • 1 kg of lamb
  • 1 kg. of spinach with large leaves
  • Half a bunch of dill
  • 3 fresh onions
  • 1 lemon
  • ¾ cup of olive oil


  • Cut the meat into portions, wash it, saltit and leave it in a colander for an hour.
  • Wash it again and from each portion, cut a few smaller pieces of leek.
  • Put the meat in a saucepan, without thesmall pieces, with the oil to sauté.
  • Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze thespinach.
  • Put the stalks in an open pot, at thebottom of the pot, on top of the rest of the spinach together with the portionsthat we have sautéed and with the whole leaves we wrap the small pieces ofmeat, which we place next to the portions.
  • Αdd the dill, the onions, the lemon juice and a little more oil, if youwant.
  • Pour a glass of water and cook over mediumto low heat, without stirring until the meat is well cooked.
  • If we need to stir, we will shake the potcarefully

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