“Kavala tales of taste”

Kavala looks like a canvas embroidered with mountains, lowlands and sea, it is cosmopolitan and hospitable, with fertile land and rich sea. One of its special cultural elements is the local gastronomy with unique flavors and high quality products. 

The project “Kavala Tales of Taste” highlighted the gastronomic wealth and the strong unification of the multiculturalism of the region.

Each recipe is supplemented by its title, the true story that accompanies the preparation materials, but also other similar stories, as well as a “narrative” that complements it with cultural, social and folklore elements of our region. 

The cuisine of Kavala is inextricably linked to the story of different (but same) people who came to the area either to engage in the tobacco trade, or as refugees, or to become land workers and fishermen.

All these special features form the basis of the gastronomic tradition of thecity, which is a total blend of West and East with influences from the Jewish Sephardim, Armenians, Levantines of Smyrna, Constantinople, Asia Minor, Sarakatsani, Thracians, Cappadocians and Pontians from the Black sea region.

“The cuisine of Kavala is inextricably linked to the story of different (but same) people”


The whole region of Eastern Macedonia has a large number of cultivated areas with Kavala having an absolute comparative advantage, the sea which is a key pillar of the Kavala’s economy and growth. In Kavala’s local gastronomy, fish dishes are dominant and are the key element of the restaurant menus, as Kavala’s central fishery organization is the third largest in the country, the most dormant partner in the country’s food supply chain by facilitating the supply of a significant amount of Greek population with fish.

Among the most common and at the same time well-known dishes is the mackerel fur, the «married» sardine, the mussel pilaf, the herring saganaki, the anchovy wrapped in vine leaves, but also the stuffed eggplant. Furthermore, the meat, poultry and dairy products offered by the surrounding villages of Kavala’s mountainous area are delicious too.

Olive oil, olives, asparagus, legumes, cereals, grapes, walnuts, chestnuts, honey, etc. have a special reputation, but also the famous kourabiedes (sugar bun) of Nea Karvali.


The Identity of the Project “Kavala Tales of taste”

The Promotion of Kavala’s local cuisine, local resources & raw materials and products, in order to develop, endorse and elevate the rich socio-cultural and the gastronomic characteristics of the heritage of the region.

Research – Recording:

Nikos Fotiadis

Makrina Stratilati

Writing – Editing Recipes:

Nikos Fotiadis

Recipe Preparation:

Nikos Fotiadis

Vassilis Simitliotis

Sofia Papadopoulou

Maria Amiadou

Costas Theodoridis

Food styling:

Nikos Fotiadis

Artware Savvopoulos


Artware Savvopoulos

Giannis Magdalasidis


Vasiliki – Zaphiria Ypsilanti

Eleni Mentesidou

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